Political view in AP ,INDIA.

Dear readers

Here I brought some political news, here we go, there are two party’s one is TDP an other is  congress in Andhra Pradesh, have been fighting for getting to get CM chair. So far congress had ruled the AP for the cause of TDP did something very terribly to the people so for that people shown interest in congress, mean while TDP has realized for what they have missed out. But there was no positive action even TDP did not got selected for CM chair,( latter soon)……. 



I remember my god before introduce me to the world, Let me introduce my self, My name VAMSI KRISHNA SANAMPUDI and I’m a STUDENT to the end of my life . and this is my blog, I was feeling happy for writing a blog, but some how some part of my hart felt happy  for because of I’m  gonna be different from every one.

and this is  my first post. (special humble thanks to my friend REZA PARVEZ ZAKARIA who inspired me to write this blog.Image  Image